I love slicing into a fresh and perfectly ripened avocado. My favorite variety has bumpy dark green skin and lets me know it is ready when it turns a shade of almost black. Inside the signature green-toned flesh near the skin of the fruit turns to a festive shade of bright yellow-green closer to the large slippery brown seed held in the avocado’s center.

I first discovered avocados when I wanted to learn to grow one as a houseplant at the age of seven. I had read in a magazine that this could be done in a glass of water…

I heard an inspiring story today that was told to a dear friend by a Rabbi. It moved me deeply and I have to share it with you. It went like this:

A little boy was taking piano lessons and went with his mom to see a famous concert pianist by the name Paderewski.

Before the lights dimmed and the concert started…

…the mom was chatting it up with someone in the crowd, while her little boy slipped away and climbed onto the stage.

The little boy found his way to the grand piano, put one of fingers on the…

Many of us use the word meditation as a blanket term to cover practices that though they are adjunct and can launch us into the state of meditation, are separate practices. There are distinct differences between meditation, creative visualization, and mindfulness. Due to the branding of creative visualization as meditation even I gave in and called my creative visualization podcast, Meditate with Ambika. Please don’t think me a hypocrite after reading what I am about to share with you. After all, if I had named it, Creatively Visualize with Ambika, would you know what I was offering to you? …

The Goddess of Nature giving me a sign

Have you ever called out to the Great Goddess who birthed us all and had her respond so clearly and unmistakably that you could not deny your connection? I am talking about Mother Nature, the divine feminine force who birthed the qualities of nature. She always is listening in the vibratory field!

We all are always listening and picking up vibrations from everything that is for we are all connected by an invisible web. Mother Nature is here for us, giving us signs that are often in whispers but sometimes we hear them as roars.

I was driving on the…

The powerful sound of ॐ is commonly written in English Om and what I want to inspire you to do is change the spelling. This is why.

Chanting the sound ॐ AUM has long been practiced as the bridge from struck to un-struck sound. It is a journey that takes us to the other side of our being. Some regard this sound as the vibration of the universe, others the sound of creation, and many the sonic essence of the divine.

In the language of Sanskrit the sound ॐ AUM is known as the Anahata Nada अनाहत नाद which literally…

Chakras are multi dimensional. How can we measure something beyond our dimension in two or three dimensions? We cannot.

Chakras and vital energy

Chakras are psychic centers of transformation. The word Chakra literally means a “wheel” or a disc or any arrangement in a circular organization in the language of Samskritham, संस्कृतं what we in English say Sanskrit. The word chakra implies movement. Therefore we can imagine these energetic areas as having constant fluctuation and movement.

Classically the seven major chakras are depicted as Lotus blossoms, a circular form surrounded by petals. Each lotus has a different amount of petals…

Ojas is the Essence of Happiness

The sweet nectar you ask about is called Ojas. The word Ojas ओजस् literally translates to splendor, vitality, power, luster, appearance, and bodily strength.

You can think of Ojas as the container that holds your happiness. It is the purest essence of Kapha Dosha. In the physical body it is related to the reproductive, hormonal, and cerebrospinal fluids.

An abundance of ojas gives a glow and sparkle to the eyes and complexion as well making the body robust with a healthy immunity.

For the mind ojas helps to increase mental clarity and focus, keeps…

I have always felt a bit put-off by the term mindfulness. I find the word mindfulness to be incredibly misleading and prefer not to use it when speaking or teaching about meditation.

As a life-long meditator and seeker on the path of Yoga, I have been taught that the mind is unified and that we do not possess it. Imagining the mind is in my brain or that I own it in any way does not make a bit of sense to me. I prefer the idea that the mind is collective and that we can download and upload to…

The giants Saturn and Jupiter are moving steadily towards a turning point on December 18 when they change the 20 year cycle their conjunctions set on course from the cold cadent rhythm of Capricorn♑ to the expansive group consciousness of ♒ Aquarius.

We must keep in mind that both signs were originally ruled by Saturn. So often this planet is overlooked as having a rainbow side and love for humanity.

Indeed the father of time does and this could be considered a dawning of an age of Aquarius as it will set off a 20 year cycle in which we…

Meditation is a state of being. It is the witness state of being in choice-less awareness.

Yoga Nidra is the Yoga of sleep. It can be self induced however it is most popular as a form of guided meditation more likened to hypnosis. The practice of Yoga Nidra takes us to a place of the body completely relaxed and mind completely alert. This is a harmonization of Alpha and Theta predominant brainwaves.

Any term ending in, “Asana,” is a posture or position to help one achieve the relaxation needed to find the state of meditation. Asana literally means, “To find…

Ambika Devi

Ambika is an international award winning best-selling author, expert astrologer, meditation Jedi, speaker and storyteller with a passion for your happiness.

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