Are you Reading the Signs?

The Goddess of Nature giving me a sign

Have you ever called out to the Great Goddess who birthed us all and had her respond so clearly and unmistakably that you could not deny your connection? I am talking about Mother Nature, the divine feminine force who birthed the qualities of nature. She always is listening in the vibratory field!

We all are always listening and picking up vibrations from everything that is for we are all connected by an invisible web. Mother Nature is here for us, giving us signs that are often in whispers but sometimes we hear them as roars.

I was driving on the turnpike headed to a speaking engagement and had just through a humongous storm that had rattled me to the bone. This left me feeling unsure about continuing on as up ahead I could see the sky black as pitch and another even bigger storm pounding the road. I did not want to cancel the gig but I also wanted to make the right choice to be safe. I asked myself, should I turn back? Is is wise to head into another storm given what the previous one felt like? Would that be safe?

As the sky grew darker I sensed fear creeping up and becoming stronger. I thought maybe I could get off the highway and wait it out but that would have me cutting it close or being late. Feeling desperate, I asked the Great Goddess pleading if I would make it safely and to please give me a sign.

Then this happened!

The full scene on the highway

I am not usually one to drive along taking pictures but this one I had to snap and well, the road somehow cleared out for me, so I could.

Signs are everywhere if we allow ourselves to see them.

The kind of signs I keep in the recesses of the mind

Learning to relax and quiet the mind in stressful situations to really see is a great skill that the practice of Meditation — which is the gift of Yoga — gives to us along with being flexible and resilient. Practicing tuning into our local environment takes patience. Learning to read signs clearly — without the influence of the ego mind takes skill.

Things that help and give support are the two sisters of Yoga. The science of Ayurveda — the second sister — helps us to understand physical reality and our place in this universe is provided by the third sister, Jyotisha, who gives us the sciences of Astronomy, Astrology, and Time Keeping.

Let us give thanks to the Great Goddess, the Devi, देवी devI. May she bring you comfort and peace. I encourage you to ask her for signs when you feel lost. I am sure she will!

Jayashri, जयश्री jayazrI, Victory of the Goddess

Jayashri, जयश्री jayazrI, Victory of the Goddess

Ambika is an international award winning best-selling author, expert astrologer, meditation Jedi, speaker and storyteller with a passion for your happiness.

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